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  • Welcome.
    Thank you for visiting Kyungdong Electric Co., Ltd. website.
  • Since founded in 1980, Kyungdong Electric has conducted precision inspection and preventive maintenance of switch gears to become a leading switchboard maintenance company with the purpose of protecting the safety of power equipment supervisors and the property of users from electrical accidents .

    Today, design, manufacturing, and management techniques in the electric field are evolving day-to-day alongside the rapid growth of industrial technology.

    Respectively, the importance of electrical installations is rising and management methods are improving, becoming more and more refined.

    Our company strives to provide diverse services for our customers based on our abundant technology and experience in switchboards and high and low voltage circuit breakers. Our services help prevent electrical accidents in manufacturing companies and commercial buildings as well as extend the life of power facilities. We will continue our efforts to enhance and research electrical equipment managing techniques to fulfill the society’s need for convenience and safety.

    Thank you.

    CEO Sangbong Yun