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Auto Section Switch
고장구간자동개폐기 제품사진
Auto Section Switch(ASS)
ASS is a line protection switch that minimizes blackout damage caused by malfunction. It cooperates with the backup protective device and blocks the fault section automatically. It is installed on the customer’s faucet penetration point in which the load capacity of the substation CB or recloser is below 4,000kVA (special load 2,000kVA) on a 22.9kV-y distribution line.
Rated voltage 25.8kv Rated breaking current 900A
Rated frequency 60Hz Rated closing current 15kA Asym
Rated current 200A Rated current 60kV/1min
Rated short-time current 15kA Instantaneous Asym Impulse withstand voltage 150kV(1.2X50㎲)
10kA 1초 Sym Inrush current restraint time 0.5, 1.0 sec
3.5kA 10초 Sym Rated control voltage DC24V(Self Charing)
Minimum operation current Phase 5,10,20,30,50,70,100,140,200A,BLOCK
Ground 2.5,5,10,15,25,35,50,70,100A, BY-PASS
Product Attributes
Internal power charging system
This function supplies an internal battery charging power on a 22900V line. There is no need to apply a separate AC 220V control power when installing the product
Overcurrent protection
Overcurrent is blocked according to a VI characteristic curve that is maintained for 3 seconds at 1.5 times the minimum operating current correction value.
Charging Trip
Momentary operation of the backup protection device enables an automatic trip while the fault current is removed (Does not open when ASS is in normal operation.).
Inrush Current Restraint
Prevents malfunction by restraining the inrush current from the transformer or motor.
Overcurrent Lock
The switch locks when abnormal rating lock current (800A) occurs. This function automatically separates the fault section by opening the ASS after blocking the backup protection device.
Operation properties and settings
Auto  Section Switch: Operation properties and settings
Minimum phase current
Set to total load current of power facility x 1.5~2 times the current tap Example) 500kVA
500kVA × 1000 ÷ 22900V ÷√3=12.6A × 1.5∼2 ≒ 20A
Minimum ground current
Set to half of the phase current correction value (10A). If the load unbalance rate is high, set to upper tap.
Inrush current restraint time
Set to 0.5 seconds. For load that has a long inrush current decay time (motors, etc.), set to 1.0 seconds.