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Power Fuse
Power fuse
PF(Power fuse)
Kyung Dong Power Fuse are available for the source-side continuity protection against faults at the transformer, cablefeeder or capacitor bank, and transformer protection against permanent secondary faults(whether the fuse is on the primary or secondary side).
They are tested according to the latest revisions of ANSIC37.41-1998, and are also designed for sealing the fuse element against ingress of moisture, giving automatic isolation to the open position in the event of the fuse blowing.
The main characteristics are :
•Full Range Fault Protection with 3-200 Anp. Fusing.
•Full Coordination with other Protective Devices.
•Very Good Performance on Small Over-Current.
Rated Voltage 25.8kV
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Rated Continuous Current Fuse Supports 200A
Fuse Units 3,6,8,10
Rated Max. Interrupting Current Symmentrical(r,m,s) 12.5kA
Asymmertical(r,m,s) 20kA
Rated Insulation Level Terminal to Ground  
60Hz Withstand Voltage Dry 1 Min. 70kV
Wet 10 sec. 60kV
Impulse Withstand Voltage 150kV
Terminal to Terminal 60Hz withstand Voltage 77kV
Impules Withstand Voltage 165kV