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High voltage Cut Out Switches
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High voltage Cut Out Switches(COS)
High-Voltage Cut-Out Switches are used to protect equipment from overcurrent due to short circuit or ground accidents or overload. They are installed on the primary side of a current transformer or main units. When a fault current flows, the fuse link gets blown and produces arc heat which causes the material of the inner wall of the fuse barrel to disassemble and create insulating gas. This product controls the arc and blocks the fault current.
Category (BIL) 60 125 150 Category (BIL) 60 125 150
Category (kV) 6.9 25.8 25.8 Leakage (inch) - 11 26
Maximum voltage (kV) 7.2 27 Power frequency
withstand voltage (kV) Closing/opening
Dry 22/45 42 70
Rated current (A) 100 Wet 22/30 36 60
Rated frequency (Hz) 60 Impulse withstand voltage (kV)
55/65 125 150
Rated breaking current(kA) Asymmetric 2.2 10 12 Applied standards ESB 151-085~097
ANSI C37, 41/42
Symmetric 1.5 7.1 8
Product Dimensions
COS(High voltage Cut Out Switches) Dimensions