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Air Insulated Auto Sectionalizing Switches
Combination Air Insulated Auto Section
Combination Air Insulated Auto Section(Combination AISS)
The self-contained Combination AISS combines a newly developed AISS which adopts a CT base insulator patented by Kyungdong Electric, with a current limiting fuse in order to provide user convenience. It is highly efficient for creating package panels.
Rated voltage 25.8㎸ Rated breaking current 900A
Rated frequency 60㎐ Rated closing current 15㎄  Asym
Rated current 200A Power frequency withstand voltage 50㎸/ 1 min
Rated short time current 15㎄ Instantaneous Asym Impulse withstand voltage 125㎸(1.2X50㎲)
10㎄ 1 second Sym Inrush current restraint time 0.5, 1.0 sec
3.5㎄ 10 second Sym Rated control voltage DC24V(AC220V  Charing)
Minimum operation current Phase 10,  20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 140, 200A,  BLOCK
Ground 5,  10, 15, 25, 35, 50, 70, 100A, BY-PASS
LA rating 18㎸  2.5/5㎄ Current limiting fuse rating 24㎸ 5~200A
Product weight (excluding fuse) 76㎏ Applied standards KEMC  1126(2007. 8)
Product Attributes
  • The built-in current transformer base insulator is a product with a simple structure and light weight, in which a current limiting fuse is attached to an AISS that uses a base insulator newly developed by our company. It is a Combination AISS for package switchgears (Patent 10-0875518).
  • The distance between phases is 320㎜, large enough to install a high-capacity fuse.
  • It adopts a polymer base insulator and is light weight.
  • Production orders are also taken for products equipped with porcelain LA (Dimensions are identical to that of polymer LA type.).
Operation Functions
Overcurrent Protection
Overcurrent is blocked according to a VI characteristic curve that is maintained for 3 seconds at 1.5 times the minimum operating current correction value.
Charging Trip
Momentary operation of the backup protection device enables an automatic trip while the fault current is removed (Does not open when AISS is in normal operation.). This function separates the fault current automatically by opening the AISS.
Inrush Current Restraint
Prevents malfunction by restraining the inrush current from the transformer or motor.
Overcurrent Lock
The switch locks when abnormal rating lock current (800A) occurs. This function automatically separates the fault section by opening the AISS after blocking the backup protection device.