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Auto Transfer Switches
Auto Transfer Switches(100~400A)
ATS 100A~400A
① Reliable transfer by excellent "latching" action
② Maximum electric conduction with the minimum operation current
③ Outstanding opening and closing performance
④ Small size and light weight
⑤ Suitable for the emergency power supply Facilities
⑥ Capable of handing both AC and DC
Rated voltage(V) AC 660V and DC 125V
Rated current(A) 100A 200A 400A
Connection Front or Back
Number of poles(P) 3P 4P 3P 4P 3P 4P
Opening  time 60 ms
Change-over time 80 ms
Operation corrent AC 100 / 110V (RMS) 12A 12A 12A 12A 16A 16A
AC 200 / 220V (RMS) 6A 6A 6A 6A 8A 8A
DC 110V 12A 12A 12A 12A 16A 16A
Rated short-tiom current (1 sec) 5 KA 10 KA 12 KA
Short circuit peak value 12.5 KA 25 KA 30 KA
Weight (㎏) Fornt type 13 14 13 15 18 21
Back type 13 14 13 15 18 21
Performance Mechanical  life span 10,000 Times
Electrical life span 3,000 Times
Switching  frequency 150 Times / Hour
Operating Circult Diagram(AC)

ATS : Operating Circult Diagram(AC)

Operating Circult Diagram(DC)

ATS : Operating Circult Diagram(DC)

Symbol Function Symbol Function
A Power Normal power source B Power Emergency power source
C1 Normal side closing coil C2 Emer. side closing coil
S1, S2 Silicon rectiifier Xa, Xb Control Contact
a1~a4 A Power Aux Switch b1~b4 B Power Aux Switch