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Air Insulated Auto Sectionalizing Switches
Air Insulated Auto Sectionalizing Switches
Air-Insulated Auto-Sectionalizing Switches(AISS)
Kyungdong Electric's Air-Insulated Auto-Sectionalizing Switch is the first indoor type switch developed in Korea with its brand name registered as AISS. It cooperates with the backup protective device and blocks the fault section automatically. It is installed on the customer’s faucet penetration point in which the load capacity of the substation CB or recloser is below 4,000kVA (special load 2,000kVA) on a 22.9kV-y distribution line.
Specifications 25.8㎸ Rated breaking current 900A
Rated frequency 60㎐ Rated closing current 15㎄  Asym
Rated current 200A Power frequency withstand voltage 60㎸/  1min
Rated short time current 15㎄ Instantaneous Asym Impulse withstand voltage 150㎸(1.2X50㎲)
10㎄ 1 second Sym Inrush current restraint time 0.5, 1.0 sec
3.5㎄ 10 second Sym Rated control voltage DC24V(AC220V  Charing)
Minimum operation current Phase 10,  20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 140, 200A,  BLOCK
Ground 5,  10, 15, 25, 35, 50, 70, 100A, BY-PASS
Product Attributes
Base insulator with a built-in current transformer
This compact, light-weight base insulator newly developed by Kyungdong dramatically reduces the size and weight of the AISS. It is small enough to install in a space for general LBS (Patent Application No. 10-2008-0046262).
Manual operating mechanism
This product offers convenient manual operation at any place by simply fixing the cable without requiring a separate operating mechanism.
Control box
This product is designed so that it can be directly attached to the switchboard door, offering convenient management and control of the AISS operating status. Its push-type button correction tap allows the user to easily correct and check the current (Utility Model Registration No. 0182617).
Operating function
Operating function
Air-Insulated Auto-Sectionalizing Switches: Dimensions